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Craft like an artist

MIMA crafts is a creative and enriching brand for kids that was developed out of a growing need to give our children an opportunity for a complete creative experience, in which they can create a high-end, artistic and decorative finished product from flat, simple and uncoated cardboard. 


Crafting skills for children

Our products are based on three stages: 

1. Coloring

2. Assembly

3. Play & Display


These stages do not only provide entertainment but a wide range of developmental skills such as concentration, attention, perseverance, motor skills and curiosity.

Crafting as a long-term activity

While our products are designed to develop the imagination and creative thinking, they also give children the opportunity for self-expression and fun for a relatively long time. 

Crafting family time together 

When developing our products, we emphasize a joint creative experience with both family and friends.  We combine a good choice of graphics and designs that are suitable for a wide age range (from 4 - 99) in order to allow all family members and friends to craft together or separately.

Green crafts

Our products are FSC certified, recyclable and made in accordance with international standards. 

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